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Edina Ronay

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Trained and studied at RADA and St Martins School of Art.

Actress and fashion designer.
Acting on stage, film and television.

Her film and television credits include. Hammer Films PREHISTORIC WOMEN  ( Director Michael Carreras ) 
OUR MOTHER'S HOUSE  ( Director Jack Clayton )  CARRY ON COWBOY  ( Director Gerald Thomas )  A STUDY IN TERROR  ( Director James Hill )  THREE, DEPARTMENT S, JASON KING ( Director Cyril Frankel ) THE CHAMPIONS, THE BIG JOB  ( Director Gerald Thomas )  HE WHO RIDES A TIGER  ( Director Charles Crichton )  THE BLACK TORMENT  ( Director Robert Hartford - Davis )  NIGHT TRAIN TO PARIS  ( Director Robert Douglas)  THE PURE HELL OF ST. TRINIAN'S  ( Director Frank Launder )  PRAISE MARX AND PASS THE AMMUNITION ( Director Maurice Hatton )  SHERLOCK HOLMES : A STUDY IN SCARLET with Peter Cushing  THE SWORDSMAN  ( Director Lindsay Shonteff )  THE COLLECTOR  ( William Wyler )